• First we get it out of the box and lightly sand the coating off of it.
  • Wipe the tumbler with acetone in order to remove any skin oil and debris. Don't touch it with bare fingers after this because it will leave "fish eyes" in the epoxy.
  • Decide what we want on the tumbler and work on the design until we get the look we are after

  • Choose the base color to bring out the best in the design, We decided that the design would look best printed on waterslide. In order to have the design to show up better, it will need a white base.
  • Hold the tumbler at arms length while spraying the paint and spray in short bursts, helps to keep from getting runs in the paint. Tumber is on the tube that we will use for applying epoxy, using the tube enables us to hang the cup to dry and helps us to keep from touching it with bare fingers after the paint dries. (I prefer to wait several hours or the next day after painting before moving on but flat paint dries faster than glossy).
  • We go ahead and wash them with Dawn dish soap after the paint dries. Because I probably touch them at some point after the no touch step.

Ready the PPE gear, the silicone mixing cup and the extra light with bluetooth, music time!!

  • Epoxy measured in equal amounts

Mix the epoxy together in silicone cup, 10mL or more, we can mix in the silicone cup. Add pearl white mica powder in order to give a pearly white look under the design. And wait 10 minutes for some of the bubbles to rise up to the top and release, then use the heat gun to help some more of them pop.

Here we Go!!! First coat of epoxy applied, run the torch over it in order to release the rest of the trapped air bubbles. Now to let in turn for 6 hours, then it has to set for 24 hours before we move on. Don't touch it, but I always do, every cup, every time, ugh.

  • While the epoxy is curing the next day, We print the decal on the waterslide, (I decided to use a smaller decal for a different tumbler and printed it too). The decal has to be sealed or the ink will wash off. I use Triple Thick and spray the decal 3 times waiting 15-30 minutes between coats. Touch a part that will be removed in order to make sure it's dry. There I go touching stuff again...Cut the vinyl text and have the excess removed so the text is ready to be applied too.

After the epoxy is cured, (We usually don't work on the cup the next day after the epoxy is applied),  lightly sand the tumbler again. Make sure any bumps are sanded down and the cup is smooth.

Using Dawn dish soap again, wash the cup, cause, yeah, I touched it, don't touch with bare fingers after it is washed. Use the gloves or put it back on the epoxy tube. I removed the tube so I could use it on a cup yesterday while I waited for this one to cure.

  • Put the sealed decal in a bowl of water and slide the decal onto the cup, ( I forgot to take a picture of that :/). Dab the decal with a papertowel until the air bubbles are gone and the water is absorbed. Then after the waterslide is dry, maybe about 30 minutes, apply the vinyl text. ( Personally, I would wait an hour or two for the waterslide to dry before moving on).
  • And another coat of epoxy, a bit thicker coat this time in order to cover the vinyl. We don't want to be able to feel it!!! Another 24 hours of curing. I still prefer not to work on it the day after I coat it, so I will wait through the next day and start again....
  • Last time on the turner!!! We didn't think we needed another picture of sandpaper or dish soap so, it was lightly sanded and washed with dish soap again. I like to put an extra coat of UV epoxy for a higher heat rating on. Last turn!!

After the epoxy cures again.... we clean the inside, exacto knife to peel any epoxy on the rim, acetone for paint overspray on the inside followed by a good alcohol rub and of course, don't forget the Dawn dish soap again. Then we have to wait 48 more hours after the last cure to use the tumbler.